Since 2010, Loups Blancs (White Wolves) has been happy to accompany and offer in Touraine a tailor-made training that has proved its worth. Don’t think of yourself as schoolchildren anymore, but as professionals whose active life starts with us. Meetings, exchanges, theoretical studies, technical and artistic practices… Each of the projects realized during the year should be synonymous with pleasure, ambition, discovery, sharing … You will learn as a team, with individual coaching. Based on a California-specific life style, we want to offer a different learning context. To promote social and professional openness to our academics now and in an international way, interventions will be made entirely in English.

Live the experience fully and join the Esprit Loup Blanc (White Wolf Spirit) by bringing your own touch. In 2017, Loups Blancs (White Wolves) chose the city of Joué-lès-Tours to put down its suitcases and formalize its Academy. With a building steeped in history and legend, we want to offer our spaces that extend on a property of 3.800m2 just minutes away from the city center, as a place of reference for film meetings in Touraine. A space of life, sharing of transmission in the image of our motto. If most of the interventions will take place within the academy, free to academics and stakeholders in good weather, decide to go enjoy the lawns of Lake Bretonnières and Jocondiens other green spaces to fully experience this.

Come live and share a unique and customized experience, whether for a single session of 20 days or all year long. Reveal your talent in front of or behind the camera. We want to confront our academicians to the realities of the profession far from the classical school contexts. Discover the various stages of the production of a film (from the writing to the diffusion), accompanied step by step by professional and passionate speakers in activity

(including some big names of the cinema). From writing of the screenplay, through tracking, technical cutting, casting, filming, editing, post-production …, we guarantee an unique experience. The Academy of the White Wolf is also and above all an atypical place to meet and exchange. This training is open to everyone from the age of 18, without any special conditions of admission except that of being a motivated and motivating

passionate person(e). The goal is to bring together passionate people so that they can build strong relationships within the Academy by learning to work collectively. The promotion of 10 academicians will gather profiles with different objectives (staging, image, sound, editing, … but also open to actors to allow them a real awakening around the realities of a film set and the complete processes of producing a film).


  • From the birth of the 7th art to new technologies (VR …)
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production (estimation, financial plan, aid …)
  • Image, sound (Film analysis, storyboard, technical cutting …)
  • Acting (The direction of actor, Casting, the actor studio …)
  • Assistant director (Organization, workplan,…)
  • Pre-production (Material test, set up, repetition,…) 
  • Shooting
  • Editing (final cut pro X, Avid, Adobe Premier Pro)
  • Post-production (color grading, vfx, mixing, sound design, …)
  • Master Class 
  • The white wolf parties (presence of professionals …)
  • Gala evening, certificate delivery (presence of partners …)

Our first desire is to reveal the filmmaker who is each of our academicians. That is why, throughout the year, we will accompany them on the realization of their projects with the objective of making discover their works in festivals and other networks of distribution (Program TV, channel YouTube…). Give free rein to the imagination, the creativity … That’s why, if they wish our academicians will have the equipment of the academy for their personal projects (under their own head) and the follow-ups of our speakers (scriptwriter, engineer sound, director, editor …) to answer all their questions. A great adventure with only one idea in mind: want to live and tell good stories.

“Share, Accompagny, Transmit”

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